Recreational Dance Programs

Two dancers are hand in hand leaping together

Recreational Programs are for students who are interested in learning more about dance.

These classes are run in a similar fashion to mainstream dance studios, but with the necessary modifications built in for each individual. AAA prides themselves on offering excellent individualised programs.


    Our teachers use a number of their resources and activities in their programs.

    Rhythm Works
    Intergrative Dance

    Rhythm Works Intergrative Dance is one of the only dance syllabi worldwide for students with disabilities.


    All permanent teachers are Rhythm Works Intergrative Dance certified instructors.


    A sensory and creative dancer is dancing with a rainbow ribbon with a huge smile on her face

    Sensory &
    Creative Dance

    Move to the beat

    AAA’s Sensory and Creative Dance has been designed for dancers who move to the beat of their own drum. In this program, teachers step into their world and explore concepts of movement, rhythm, and expression through dance and sensory activities. This class is grounded in warm and familiar routines and is often based around different themes.

    teacher Miss Annabelle is smiling with two student either saide of her with their arms up high having lots of fun


    keep up with the tempo

    This class is for kids between the age of 6 and 10 years old. Kidz Dance is a fun-filled introduction to dance filled with activities designed to develop dancer’s physical skills (including gross motor and fine motor coordination, strength, balance and stamina), communication skills, memory skills, rhythm and musicality, self-expression and independence. Dancers in this class are invited to participate in the annual dance concert.

    one of our friends from Formation dance and a All Abilities Australia dancer are hugging and holding the peace sign with big smiles on their face

    Teen &
    Tween Dance

    groove to the ryhthm

    Teen & Tween Dance is aimed at dancers between 11 and 15 years old. This class builds upon the foundations established in AAA Kidz and introduces more complicated technical skills and builds upon other skills such as hand-eye coordination and turn taking. In this class, dancers are introduced to new activities such as obstacle courses and how to choreograph dances. Teen & Tweens are invited to participate in the annual dance concert.

    Two adult dancers are hugging eachother with both arms and heads together smiling and posing for their photo wearing their All Abilities Australia t-shirts


    Dance with the melody

    AAA Adults has been designed for dancers aged 16+. It builds upon the previously learned skills, and introduces new expectations and activities. In this class, dancers are challenged on their memory skills and their independence. They are also introduced to a variety of different styles of dance. In AAA Adults, teachers encourage students self-expression and promote their ideas in choreography. Adults are invited to participate in the annual dance concert.

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